New Opportunities

Founded on the very premise of offering new opportunities, Nu Opp, Inc. began as a live production company that navigated branding opportunities between media and corporate brands. More than ten years later, while capitalizing on that same model, we’ve transitioned to a full service branding and creative agency. Taking a non-traditional approach to meeting our client objectives, we believe in authentically “connecting the dots.”

New Experiences

In today’s current landscape, consumers are no longer interested in being force fed traditional marketing tactics. That model allows you to be seen only for a moment, Nu Opp, Inc positions you to develop engaging content and build lasting relationships. With media and technology only a keystroke away, we understand how important it is for your consumers to gain access to you through a variety of mediums. At Nu Opp, Inc. we are uniquely positioned to create the 360º experience for potential followers of your brand.